Floatation therapy is on the rise as a popular form of alternative medicine in Denver, Colorado. This comes as no surprise since the benefits of it are innumerable. Imagine meditation, massage therapy, yoga, and a solid night’s rest combined into a single, rejuvenating session. By laying in a room temperature bed of water in a dark, individualized room, your body is allowed to rebalance itself by eliminating the use of all five senses. It’s a cost effective way to promote stability in your life, creating a multitude of benefits.

7 Benefits of Floatation Therapy:

#1 Relieves anxiety

One of the main benefits from floatation therapy is its ability to reduce anxiety. When you’re experiencing high stress, your body releases a stress hormone called cortisol that induces the “flight or fight” response. This natural brain chemical is good for your body in that it keeps you awake, responsive, and motivated. But when there is too much released, it can be harmful to your health. It can contribute to weight gain, acne, and high blood pressure. Floatation therapy is used as a way to reset your cortisol levels as your body finds deep relaxation while floating. By leveling out the chemical in your brain, it reduces stress and brings you back to a balanced perspective.

#2 Helps with difficulty sleeping

It’s said that one hour alone of floatation therapy is equivalent to a full nights rest. Floating is a quick cure to jet lag, and can assist in recovering from sleep deprivation and insomnia. By eliminating the use of your five senses, your brain is allowed to find a meditative state that in turn allows your body to find deeper rest in less time. Some people even do 8 hour floatation therapy sessions in order to guarantee a full nights rest. If doing floatation therapy for this purpose, it is recommended to book a session right away in the morning, in order to keep on schedule for sleep at night.

#3 Assists in overcoming addictions

Studies have shown floatation therapy can aide in quitting smoking, overeating, alcohol consumption, and drug misuse. Float therapy allows your brain to refocus, which in turn allows you to control your addictions and curb your cravings, recognizing them for what they are. When using floatation therapy to assist in overcoming addictions, it is recommended to go on a continual basis. While one session holds many benefits, multiple sessions allow for a continual control of mind as you are going through the process of breaking a hard habit.

#4 Improves energy and increases creativity

Floatation therapy eliminates brain fog. People who try float therapy, especially those who go regularly, report stronger memory and rejuvenation. This promotes creativity as your senses are reset and you brain can tackle larger projects with more clarity. Yoko Ono is one example of an artist who made floatation therapy a part of her lifestyle.

#5 Provides muscle rejuvenation

On the topic of rejuvenation. One of the benefits of floatation therapy is that it supports muscle recovery. There has been a surge in popularity for floatation therapy among athletes throughout Denver and Colorado because of its ability to provide rest to your muscles, promoting quicker recovery during intense training seasons. Stephen Curry is an example of somebody who uses floatation therapy regularly as part of the muscle healing process. A single session can assist in the healing process, as an hour long session is considered to have the same impact as a full nights rest.

#6 Benefits from Epsom salt

Laying in water for over an hour immediately makes people worried about wrinkly skin. Not to mention, 1,000 lbs of salt sounds like a recipe for dry, damaged hair. But Epsom salt isn’t what you would think. It’s a natural mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. While soaking in floatation therapy, the remedy makes your skin smoother and hair softer. No wrinkles. No damage. Epsom is a stress reducer, muscle relaxer, and toxin eliminator. While shutting off your five senses during floatation therapy, your brain can also feel at peace knowing the salt being absorbed into your skin is 1,000 lbs of natural health benefit that has been used as a remedy for generations.

#7 It’s 90 minutes of pure bliss

While you can book longer or shorter sessions, we recommend in Uptown Denver to start with a 90 minute session. Floatation therapy is 10 inches of water kept at body temperature mixed with 1,000 pounds of dissolved Epsom salt. The salt allows for your body to float above the water without you needing to produce any effort. Simultaneously, the comfortably sized bed is completely dark so you don’t have to focus on anything at all. The rooms are isolated so there is no noise. It’s so quiet, the loudest movement is your eyelids shifting. Benefits of floatation therapy can start as soon as 30 minutes into your session. While you can book longer or shorter sessions, it is recommended to start with 90 minutes. It has the same calming effect as a massage, only it’s an entirely different experience that you simply cannot get in any other form. When, in your life, will you have the benefit of turning off all of your senses for an entire hour?


Getting right down to it, floatation therapy is for everyone because it promotes balance and a peace of mind.

Floatation therapy is for the mom with three children who are begging for attention while her to-do list grows longer and the dishes remain piled in the sink. Floatation therapy is for the business man who is stressed over this month’s numbers as his phone rings, again, while on the way to a dinner meeting. Floatation therapy is for the Colorado athlete preparing for the biggest game of his or her life and needs to speed up the process of muscle recovery in order to hit the ground running at full speed.

In this fast paced world full of online notifications and places to be and people to appease and goals to achieve, it’s time to give your senses a break. A 90 minute floatation therapy session adds tremendous value to your life. Rejuvenate your mind and your body by booking your first session with Back In A Flash in Uptown Denver.

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